Pamper your orchard before the coming season!

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Pamper your orchard before the coming season!

As the curtain falls on a fruitful harvest season, it’s time to reciprocate to the trees that have generously provided us with profits. Post-harvest nutrient management emerges as a pivotal step in ensuring the well-being of our orchards, safeguarding their vitality for the upcoming seasons. This critical period between fruit picking and leaf fall serves as a golden opportunity to fortify our trees, optimizing both the quantity and quality of next year’s yield.

Strategic Timing

Post-harvest nutrition is most effective when implemented immediately after crop harvesting. Root activity peaks during this period, making it an opportune time for root fertilization. This strategic timing aligns with the tree’s natural process, ensuring efficient absorption of key elements.

Nitrogen Optimization

Nitrogen, a vital component for bud development and fruit-bearing capacity, plays a crucial role post-harvest. Application in autumn minimally impacts spring growth but maximally influences fruit formation, reducing the risk of biennial bearing. Utilizing foliar spraying techniques enhances the concentration of nitrogen in flower buds, meeting the plant’s requirements in stages.

Boron for Stability

Boron, essential for plant cell wall formation and nutrient absorption, particularly phosphorus and potassium, is pivotal during the post-harvest period. Application in three stages—before flowering, during fruit formation, and after crop harvest—ensures its contribution to pollen tube formation and overall fruit development.

Zinc Delivery

Zinc, crucial for chlorophyll formation, enzymes, and hormones, is effectively delivered through foliar spraying post-harvest. Overcoming soil-related limitations, this method ensures zinc’s timely transfer to branches and buds during the senescence process.

Magnesium's Role

Magnesium, the central molecule in chlorophyll vital for photosynthesis, demands a comprehensive fertilization plan. Recognizing its high mobility within the plant, a dual approach—soil and foliar application throughout the season—ensures the prevention of deficiencies observed initially in older leaves.

In conclusion, post-harvest nutrient management is not just a task; it’s an expression of gratitude to our orchards. By meticulously providing the essential elements tailored to the specific needs of each tree, we pave the way for a thriving and sustainable future harvest. This thoughtful approach not only safeguards the current yield but also ensures the continued prosperity of our orchards for seasons to come.

Maryse Bou Zeid

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