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Humic Acid – A Hidden Gem

Humic Acid is the main component of humus, which is one of the main organic components. It is available in nature as a result of the decomposition of organic matter in the soil over millions of years....

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Why Micronutrients?

By definition, Micronutrients are elements that the plant needs in very small quantities estimated at about 0.1 g/kg of dry matter weight. Despite their small usage rate, they are no less important than Macroelements, as it is impossible for the plant to reach ideal production...

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The Ultimate Spraying Timetable

Spraying fertilizers and pesticides is one of the most important practices that can be followed for healthy plants and abundant production. However, many common mistakes may prevent reaching the desired results, despite the adoption of agricultural products of a reliable source and guaranteed effectiveness. What...

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Fertigation of Banana

Fertilization being a crucial step in Banana Production, banana trees (or herbaceous plants), or any other organism for that matter, cannot grow without adequate inputs of nutrients. Therefore, this “food” must be integrated at the appropriate times in order not to affect the plant’s health,...

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