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The only way forward is sustainability.

Enhancing Crop Protection: 20 Highly Effective Pest-Repellent Plants

Agricultural products not only sustain human food requirements but also serve as vital resources for animals and various industries. However, the intrusion of harmful elements like insects, mites, and nematodes in fields, gardens, and greenhouses poses a significant threat to crop yields. These unwanted pests...

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Plant Pests and Climate Change

Climate change has become one of the biggest challenges facing plant health, and the most common cause of food production disruption in the world. It is a phenomenon that affects the entire world and various aspects of life, hence, the natural world along with its...

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Zoom on Biodiversity

In the world's diverse terrestrial ecosystems, life's intricate dance unfolds, showcasing the vital role of biodiversity. Just like a symphony, every species adds its unique melody to the composition of existence. In this exploration, we venture into various ecosystems, discovering the fascinating narratives of interdependence...

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Black Soldiers… to safeguard the environment

Our planet is currently experiencing several crises. These crises present a multitude of negative consequences on Earth, such as environmental pollution, lack of food, drought, climate change, diseases and other things that make the planet in a stage of continuous decline. That is why it...

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Ladybugs and Aphids – Nature’s Hidden Alliance

Imagine discovering that within the beautiful world of gardens, a hidden alliance exists between two seemingly contrasting creatures. Predators of aphids, ladybugs act as natural pest controllers in gardens and agricultural fields. So how are ladybugs and aphids interconnected?...

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Buzzing Wonders – How to keep the bees around?

Save the bees, stop the pesticides! We often hear said when tackling the importance of bees to our ecosystem, and agricultural production. However, is salvation only reached when banning pesticides? As we celebrate International Bees’ Day, let’s draw some buzz on this widely tackled topic...

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Recycling Food Waste – How to contribute to the solution?

What happens on earth in terms of disasters and environmental imbalances is because of you. Yes, you! Every person on the earth is responsible for its environmental imbalance and a sure cause of the global warming project, but how? - With every daily meal you waste many...

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Birds – Farmers’ Best Partner

They collect seeds from the field, pick berries off trees, and harbor pathogens. Birds are often depicted as a farmer’s worst enemy. However, a large number of bird species can be quite beneficial in the field, if given the chance to shine. How can birds...

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Keep the Planet Breathing

Only 28% of wild forests are left on our planet More than 6,000,000 hectares of forests were globally cut down or burned this year We only have 76 years left till the end of rainforests if current trends continue Yes deforestation is real, and we must act fast!...

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