Why Micronutrients?

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Why Micronutrients?

By definition, Micronutrients are elements that the plant needs in very small quantities estimated at about 0.1 g/kg of dry matter weight. Despite their small usage rate, they are no less important than Macroelements, as it is impossible for the plant to reach ideal production and growth rates without them. Therefore, this essential role should not be ignored or overlooked in order to avoid issues regarding agricultural crops.

  1. Molybdenum Mo
  2. Boron B
  3. Zinc Zn
  4. Manganese Mn
  5. Copper Cu
  6. Iron Fe

Micronutrients Deficiency Symptoms

The symptoms of microelements deficiency appear on plants gradually, starting from the vegetative system, especially the leaves and growing tips, reaching the fruits

  1. General weakness in plant.
  2. Fall of flowers and the occurrence of the phenomenon of failure of fruit setting.
  3. Decrease in the quantity of production and the quality of fruits.

Iron (Fe) Deficiency

Symptoms of this element lack appear on the new emerging growths of the plants as the color of the growing tips turns yellow and the vegetative system of the plant begins to gradually turn yellow, while the leaves veins remain green.

Copper (Cu) Deficiency

The deficiency of this element is clearly manifested in loss of liquid components (lack of fluid) in fruit production.

Manganese (Mn) Deficiency

There are several indications of a deficiency in this element, which are:

  1. Yellowing leaves
  2. Appearance of irregular brown spots on leaves
  3. Flowers drop
  4. Leaves begin to fall off in cases of severe deficiency and shortage of this element.

Zinc (Zn) Deficiency

Zinc is one of the immobile elements in the plant, so the symptoms of its deficiency appear on the new growing leaves, so it has a light green color other than the rest of the leaves and it gradually turn yellow. Zinc also has an important role in the production of the auxin hormone within the plant, and its severe deficiency makes the growing tips grow clustered together in a rosette formation (short internodes); in addition, the fruits fall off.

Boron (B) Deficiency

Boron is one of the most important micronutrients, as its deficiency will cease the growth of the growing tips and buds then their death. It also has an important role in the growth of the root system, and its severe deficiency leads to hardiness and breaking of leaves, fruits drop, delay in blooming and failure to set fruit. It also has a solidarity and synergistic role with calcium element to regulate water relationship of the plant and thus ridding the plant cells of plant toxins within them.

Molybdenum (Mo) Deficiency

This element is considered one of the rare elements, not one of the micronutrients, and symptoms of its deficiency are rarely appearing, but if these symptoms appear, they can manifest in changing the shape of the leaves without changing their color so the leaves look crinkled and deformed, and it also has an important role in Nitrogen metabolism within the plant, so deficiency symptoms appear similar to symptoms of nitrogen deficiency. It also plays a major role in legume family plants through the production of nitrogen nodes.

How To Supply Your Plants With Micronutrients?

There are many formulas for the, and the following are the most important and widely used formulations:

  1. EDDHA: This formula is added to the plant by irrigation water (micronutrients are carried to the plant through the root system), and it is the most appropriate formula in hydroponic programs
  2. EDTA: This formula is added to the plant by foliar spray (micronutrients are directed to the plant through the treatment of the vegetative system), it gives faster results than those added through irrigation water

Tips and Guidance:

Dear Farmer, we always advise you to add micronutrients to your agricultural crops, whether they are fruit trees or field crops in order to get the highest production and to avoid many problems, that you don’t need, and you can rely on reliable products from trusted suppliers. There are many trademarks of nutrients, some of which support the macroelements with micronutrients and some others support only the missing element.

A recommendation would be  Wuxal Microplant produced by Aglukon – Germany which is a suspended foliar fertilizer contains all micronutrients with Magnesium and Sulfur. This unique composition that has proven excellent effectiveness in supporting the plant and securing its necessary stock of micronutrients, which positively reflected on the production in quantity and quality.

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