The Ultimate Spraying Timetable

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The Ultimate Spraying Timetable

Spraying fertilizers and pesticides is one of the most important practices that can be followed for healthy plants and abundant production. However, many common mistakes may prevent reaching the desired results, despite the adoption of agricultural products of a reliable source and guaranteed effectiveness. What is the Optimal Sparying Timing that yields the best results? This article from Agrotica is a summary of Debbane’s general guidelines in this regard.

Foliar Fertilizers

It must be done when the plant is at the highest levels of root and leaf uptake, provided that it is not exposed to water or heat stress.

It has been scientifically proven that the period before, during, and after sunset and the first periods of the night is the best for fertilizing spray, as the absorption capacity is higher.

Systemic Pesticides

sprayed at sunset and evening, as many insects are active at night and hide as soon as the sunrays appear (e.g. cotton leafworm, cutworms…)

Contact insecticides

Spraying can be done at any time, except for when high temperatures are marked.  Coating all the trees and targeting the areas where insects are or can be located is a crucial step to follow.


It is preferable to spray fungicides in the early morning, provided that there are no dew drops on the surface of the leaves.

In general, the following tips should be respected:

  • Do not spray when the temperature is high, the wind is strong, or when rain is expected
  • Do not spray when the plant is exposed to stress factors
  • Adjust the pH of the spray solution and keep it at a level appropriate to the type of pesticide
  • Beware of improper mixing order when using various products


Herbicides should be sprayed during the day and when weeds are actively growing, noting that herbicides lose their effectiveness in the early morning (due to the presence of dew) and in the evening (due to the slow activity of the weeds).

The Ultimate Spraying Timetable

by Eng. Houzayfa El Sayyed 

Agrotica Debbaneagri

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