Don’t risk your Mangoes!

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Don’t risk your Mangoes!

White felting on leaves, fruit set failure, loss of production. Your mango trees face great danger caused by mango powdery mildew.

Spot it

Oidium magnifiera is a fungal disease that attacks the flowers at the beginning and then spreads to the leaves where it can cause enormous damage, leading to the absolute loss of production.

This disease presents as a white mat (mycelium) that appears on inflorescences, leading to fruit set failure, and on the underside of leaves, causing deformation of young shoots.

Thus, the most considerable damage is that which affects flowering and growth shoots, especially under conditions of drought and low temperatures.

Fight it

The fight against this disease can take place in two ways:

– Spraying of an Impact solution at a dose of 8ml/20l of water; or

– Spraying of a Gatten solution at a dose of 4ml/20l of water.

It is worth noting that the spraying recommended above should be done at low pressure when the tree is in its flowering stage.

by Eng. Mounir Abi Fadel

Maryse Bou Zeid

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