Towards a More Sustainable Year

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Towards a More Sustainable Year

Have you picked your new year’s resolutions yet? 365 days have almost gone by, and millions of people have made New Year’s resolutions, hoping to spark positive change in their lives. Only these millions of resolutions look quite similar. From health and fitness to improved finances, the lists are not that divergent and many of lack longevity and do not promote a sustainable lifestyle. How about some resolutions to live a more sustainable lifestyle in 2022?

Below are Three small actionable ideas that can make a big impact on the future. From eating, drinking, shopping and traveling, sustainability in 2022 is an easy process.

Eat more sustainably

Cook it Yourself | Aside from health benefits, cooking your own meals can also be the eco-friendlier choice? When you cook your own meals, not only can you choose where and how your ingredients were sourced and the nutritional facts, but you can also control packaging, plastic waste.

You may even invest in a home composting system or use those leftover vegetable ends to prepare a tasty broth. The possibilities for eco-friendly innovation in the kitchen are infinite!

Choose what you Eat | Unless drastic changes are made, the global food system will continue to be responsible for at least a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions.

We are absolutely not suggesting that you cut meat from your diet. Instead, think of ways to reduce the overall carbon footprint of your diet. How can you do that? Conscious consumption is your the way to go.

Animals provide a variety of delicious and nutritious products including milk, butter, cheese, and eggs. It is important to consider the impact of these dietary choices and to consume them more consciously. Here is a chart to help you make more conscious dietary choices.

Shop more sustainably

Say No More to Plastic | Every minute, 2 million single-use plastic bags are used worldwide. The worst is that only a portion is recycled while the remaining majority ends up in the landfill or ocean. A simple way to avoid contributing to this number is to bring your own bags to the store.

Invest in a couple of high-quality bags that will meet your average needs, and choose paper instead of plastic bags if you ever need additional bags.

Buy less, consume less, throw away less | How many times did you come back from a shopping spree only to realize that you’ve bought way more than your list entitled? This year, every time you walk down an isle, ask yourself “Is this necessary? Does this have a unique purpose in my life? Can I see myself actually using this item?” These simple questions can really help reduce the amount of items that end up unused and usually take up a space in your home, then the landfill.

What about those items you already have? When you’re considering throwing out an item, remember that you are also throwing away the energy and resources that went into making it originally.


Shop seasonal, Shop local | When you incorporate seasonal foods into your diet, you support your health and the health of the planet. Next time you’re planning a dinner, consider when and where your food is being harvested. It’s crazy how more nutritious and fresh food gets when grown locally. This also means that you are supporting your local economy and saving up quite a lot of money as the fruit or meat you eat has not been on a plane for kilometers to reach your plate.

Live more sustainably

Grow it Yourself | How much can I actually grow myself, you may ask. With a little creativity, you can find adequate space and sunlight to start a simple garden of lettuce, tomatoes, peppers. Whether in that piece of land you’ve been neglecting near your home, or that empty balcony space you barely visit, grow and enjoy. Always keep seasonality and regionality in mind.

Single-use No More | Waste is inevitable. However, what you can control is how much single-use waste we produce. Some simple swaps include using reusable containers instead of aluminum foil, plastic zipper bags or cling wrap when packing leftovers. Reusable water bottles.

Upcycling | A little creativity goes a long way in reducing your waste. Always look for alternate uses for products that have served their primary purpose. An old mug you won’t be using anymore can definitely become a new planter for succulents, and old clothes can easily become pillows. Look up upcycling projects, and get going with your family.

Start Anywhere

Small change can make a huge difference. Whether you start with one of those resolutions, or incorporate them all, the world will be a better place in 2023 because you cared and Took Action.


The most important thing is not to be discouraged if the change is not immediate. Sustainable changes take time and some effort from everyone. And always remember, when healthy bodies and a healthy planet are the promise, every ounce of effort is worth it.

Maryse Bou Zeid

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