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With the rise of global population demands, farmers are immensely relying on synthetic pesticides to control insects and increase crop yields. However, their excessive usage is becoming detrimental to natural resources, human health, and biodiversity. For this reason, biopesticides constitute an attractive alternative for sustainable...

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Bugging Fruit Trees: Ambrosia Beetle Invasion!

Fruit trees provide us with a bountiful harvest and a source of joy in our gardens. However, lurking within the bark is a tiny pest known as the ambrosia beetle. While it may be small (2-3 mm), the ambrosia beetle can significantly affect fruit trees,...

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Ladybugs and Aphids – Nature’s Hidden Alliance

Imagine discovering that within the beautiful world of gardens, a hidden alliance exists between two seemingly contrasting creatures. Predators of aphids, ladybugs act as natural pest controllers in gardens and agricultural fields. So how are ladybugs and aphids interconnected?...

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