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Is Water pH Ruining Your Pesticide?

Have you ever come across a grower complaining about a pesticide that did not properly control the pest infestation at hand? You probably attributed the reduction or lack of control to either a faulty chemical batch, poor application method, or...

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New Solutions Against Cucumber Viruses In Greenhouses

The cultivation of cucumber in greenhouses is considered one of the most crucial cultivations as it achieves good income for farmers within a short period of time (production begins after about 35 days of transplanting). This has resulted in the establishment of thousands of greenhouses...

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Is Water Reducing your Pesticide Performance?

Since water is normally used to deliver the chemical to the target pest, it should be considered the foundation for the application process. Whether it is from a lake, stream, or pond, it may very well be the deciding factor between ineffective and optimum product...

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Mites on Strawberries

The intensive production of strawberries coincides with the development of plasticulture in Algeria, in 1989 for the wilaya of Tipaza. Strawberry cultivation was launched on an experimental basis in Jijel in 2001-2002, on a four (4) hectare surface area. Today two (2) wilayas TIPAZA and...

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Sphagnum Peat Moss and Advanced Green Fiber Substrate

Sphagnum moss is an ideal medium and soil substitute for starting seeds and growing plants in pots, trays, blocks, and containers. It is made of dried and decaying processed sphagnum peat moss. Its natural sponge-like structure explains why it can hold or retain more water...

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The Sudden Reproduction of Insects

For years, our regions have witnessed an unprecedented and intense spread of various insects that have caused losses in the revenues of the various agricultural sectors....

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Pre Harvest Interval PHI

The Pre-Harvest interval (PHI) for agricultural pesticides is the period that must be observed before the harvested produce becomes safe for consumption. Respecting this period aims to preserve the safety of the consumer by producing a clean crop that contains low percentages of sedimentation that...

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Certified Seeds for a Better Agriculture

While the Lebanese agricultural sector is heavily affected by the current economic crisis, it has become increasingly difficult for farmers to sustain their productions. The low purchasing power and inflation in addition to the increased costs of fuel have led to the reduction of cultivated...

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Biostimulants: Importance, Types, Impact and Effectiveness

Biostimulants are a group of natural organic compounds that are added to the soil in order to enhance nutrient uptake and activate the role of fertilizers. They are also added with fertilizers and foliar pesticides for the same purpose and to resist factors of plant...

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